Why Mess with Perfection?

As Indians we tend to have a deep ingrained faith in God. A lot of stuff is swallowed smilingly in the name of ‘God’s will’. We happily bear losses, personal and professional, without batting an eyelid in the name of Supreme power. But what is contrary to this attitude is the way we bring up our children. The moment it comes to them we become control freaks. Children are the most perfect creations of God. Unblemished, untouched, supremely pure. But the moment we have one, we get to work on it. As if God has given a power of attorney to us to treat our kids as our lifetime projects. 

God created children so we could believe in Him. But the way we mess with his perfection, one of these days He’s just going to call the whole thing off. There is a reason we are born as children and not as readymade adults. A child is a bundle of possibilities. As the child grows and makes choices, a personality is carved. 

But in our foolishness, we believe that we have the capability to give them their identity and personality. We take our ability to ‘make’ children very seriously. When actually its the other way round. Its the children who make us parents. They come to us to teach us faith, patience and the power of unconditional love. 

Let us not restrain them or attempt to modify them. Have we ever tried to modify the course of, say, a waterfall? We truly firmly believe, it’s been put there to be enjoyed and marveled at. Then why do we change our perspective when we look at our children? They also have been placed there to be enjoyed and marveled at. 

Their uniqueness is a reason for celebration not an opportunity to hammer a square peg in a round hole. Its rather God’s way of helping us reconnect with our childhood,pure and unblemished as it was. 

Let us prove ourselves to be worthy of the trust that God has put in us. Say what? 

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