#Valentine’sDay – Universal language of love

#Valentine'sDay - Universal language of love

Valentine’s Day came by, created the right noises and would be gone in a few hours. Heart shaped balloons, gifts and themed decor was the order of the day. There was the usual deluge of couple pics but there’s another heartening trend on the rise. I see people posting pics with their friends, parents and colleagues and wishing each other a Happy Val’s. What was an out and out romance centric day has been tamed into domesticity.

Despite all the opposition from hardliners, the day has grown bigger and in a way you cannot object to, either.

So we had school children making cute cards for their friends (for both genders), Valentine themed kitty parties and entire offices turning up in red.

I don’t know about the general perception. Some may snort at it but I am loving it. The sense of inclusivity that it brings to everyone involved is so cheery. Till a few years ago, as the D day would come closer there used to be a sense of urgency. The peer pressure to have a boyfriend or girlfriend was so big, it was heartbreaking. Teenagers and youngsters especially were quite affected. May be they still are but at least the heartbroken and the lonely hearts have some saving grace. Atleast they have friends and colleagues to share the day with.

This Valentine’s day is dedicated to the people of this country who have a natural ability to accept anything foreign and make it their own. Right wing activists may keep yelling from rooftops and resort to violence but they underestimate our resourcefulness as a nation

Tell me how your day was and what are your views in Valentine’s Day? Comment, like and follow me to read more of my stuff. 

And yes… Happy Val’s to all of you!!

Pic Courtesy : Ms. Mona Suneja

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