#PADMAN – A good excuse to initiate the ‘Birds & Bees’ talk with your kids

#PADMAN - A good excuse to initiate the 'Birds & Bees' talk with your kids

#PADMAN was a much anticipated movie for me because I had read the story of the real padman , Mr. Arunachalam Muruganantham and had been truly impressed with his conviction. For someone with no degree, he went on to become a social entrepreneur inspired solely by the love for his wife earning him the status of a modern day Shah Jahan. 

I have never understood why every generation of women passes on the legacy of shame and embarrassment to their daughters. Why a biological phenomenon gets tagged with blind superstitions which can have dangerous implications?

As a doctor and a mother to a little girl, I had been very conscious of how I would tell my daughter about it. In that quest, I wrote a blog few months ago which became the starting point of my conversations with her.


So when this movie was coming up for release, my daughter, ever the movie buff, looked at me to ask if she could see it. I was a little hesitant so breezed it away to be tackled later. But how long could I put it off. Eventually I thought of taking her along, thinking it would be an educational experience for both of us. It did turn out to be a wonderful watch. And my daughter had a lot of queries. I took them one by one and was amazed how a movie could help initiate a ‘birds and bees session’. Since she loved the movie so much,  I asked her to write her views on it in the blog that she writes as her school assignment. Here’s the link to what she wrote. 


The reason I share her point of view here is to encourage parents to take their kids to such movies. It can help start a lot of conversations on topics we tend to avoid. And the movie does help in taking the shame away from the pad and the periods. It has been handled with such sensitivity that it will help create a very positive impact on children (tweens and teens both) 

It is an amazing story of an average common man who has reached out to 4500 villages in India and 19 countries in the world. His lack of education and money never came in the way of his conviction. The movie has further given him the rightful recognition for what he has done to overcome the taboos and the negative social perception for something so natural. 

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