Gender Equality in parenting – There’s hope in the horizon

Gender Equality in parenting - There's hope in the horizon 

Till yesterday, Alexis Ohanion never figured in my list of people I would have been interested in knowing. But one picture doing rounds on the social media made me sit up and notice him. The image was of a bearded man, bottle feeding his little daughter as the mother of his child played a match. The mother in question is the legendary Serena Williams. And the man who stole the limelight was Alexis Kerry Ohanion, Sr. He is an American Internet entrepreneur and investor, who is co-founder and executive chairman of the social news website Reddit. Recently he announced he would be stepping down from his daily role at the company whilst still continuing to serve on its board.

It has to do a little with his expansion plans but he’s gone on record saying its part of a “promise he made to this little poppy seed.” Awww…..   His company’s paternity policy of 16 paid weeks (WOW) made a lot more sense to him now, he says.  The picture revealed quite a bit about the times we are living in. A lot of men are breaking the stereotype of commitment phobic husbands and are gladly warming up to fatherhood. There IS hope in the horizon that gender equality. And when celebrities who are in the public eye practice such behavior, it is like an endorsement. There are men who are okay with babysitting in the privacy of their homes but when they step out, they consider it a dent in their masculinity. Such pictures just might make them think, if he can make it look cool, may be we can too! 

Except the difference in biology, we are coming across more and more families where both parents are trying to contribute equally in the child’s upbringing. So now we can use the more gender neutral term ‘parenthood’. More power to such couples and may their tribe increase.

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