The day my child inspired ME

The day my child inspired ME

Child is the father of man.

That’s an oft heard phrase but how true it is,becomes evident only after you have a child of your own.

I’m blessed with a very sensitive and perceptive child. Her maturity belies her years and it still takes me by surprise when I see how she handles people and situations so deftly when she’s on her own. Her reactions to negativity and how quickly she distances herself from it is inspiring.  There are so many incidents I could recount that have inspired me but I’ll share the most recent one. 

We have an annual get together of our building where in we have our usual song and dance routine and the ones who are interested, participate. Its a time of festivity and my daughter, who loves to dance, has to be an integral part of it. My role is to help her fine tune her performance and her father’s job is limited to cheering from the wings. 

This year, however, some daddies got all enthusiastic to put forth a dance of their own.  Having a choreographer this time made them more confident. My daughter was after my husband to be a part of that dance and to humor her, he agreed. But what with busy schedules and telecons and meetings, the rehearsal took a back seat. To make matters worse, the choreographer left them midway because of her health issues. The rest of the groups managed but the daddies were in a limbo. My daughter sensed the hesitation and calmly reassured her father, ” Don’t worry Baba, ho jayega”.  My husband was initially amused only to be surprised later as to how serious she was! 

She would practice for her own performances and then would  patiently sit through her father’s. At home also she would keep pushing him to rehearse and would so lovingly correct him. Her constructive criticism and feedback were so heart warming and inspiring at the same time. Every time my husband would tell her that may be its a bad idea, she would convince him to keep at it. 

The role reversal this father daughter duo, that I was a witness to made me feel so proud of my little girl.

On the D day, she was so concerned about his performance and the way  she cheered him from the aisles is a moment I can never forget. We tell children to never give up… To be reminded of that by a child was thoroughly refreshing! 

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