Oh Papon! Why Did you have to do this?

Oh Papon! Why Did you have to do this? 

Dear Papon

You were the lovable, likeable singer…. The smiling mentor, family man and friendly figure…. 

That mental image is so difficult to wipe away. But the videos and news clips cannot be ignored. 

With that one act you not only ruined your image….. You did much worse…. You have tarnished the mentor-protégé equation. The guru shishya parampara that our country still upholds even if, in it’s modern day avtar. 

Not much fan of reality shows but music based shows are my thing. And those little kids with so much talent tug at my heartstrings. 

And I always felt that choosing people to judge them or mentor them must be so difficult. The person has to be a celebrity, should know his musical notes AND most importantly, has to connect with the children. 

You seemed to be tailor made for the role. 

But what took over you to behave so horribly, so irresponsibly? She was a kid who was there under your care. She was vulnerable and her parents and she had put their complete trust in you. For the sake of posterity, for the sake of that position of advantage, couldn’t you just hold back? 

What’s worse is that post the kiss, you are absolutely at ease. Doesn’t look like you regretted it. Your calm was more disturbing for me than probably the act itself. 

You know what angers me? The fact that you have proven all those naysayers, who hold girls back, right. There are so many talented  girls in our towns and cities with stars in their eyes. With one irresponsible act, you doused so many of them! Now they would want to heed the ‘advice’ of these ‘well wishers’. Their parents will hold back that hand which could have backed them. You had absolutely no right to do that. You have not only scarred the psyche of the 11 year old contestant but the collective psyche of all the little girls who were about to take their tentative steps in the real world. 

With so much good things going for you just tell me why, oh why did you have to do it? 

Very angrily yours

A former fan

Picture Courtesy – www.indiatoday.in

First Published – https://www.momspresso.com/parenting/musings-and-reflections/article/oh-papon-why-did-you-have-to-do-this

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