I have always maintained that God had a plan when he sent us on earth as little babies, and not as readymade adults.They are a touch of heaven on earth and are there to remind us that life begins with a clean slate. Their presence in our lives is like an opportunity given by God to cleanse ourselves. 

Till we sully them with our grown up stuff, they have a lot of lessons to teach us, if we are in a mood to learn. 

In my nine years of motherhood journey, here are some such nuggets of wisdom that my daughter has given me. 

1. A sense of wonderment as if everything is a miracle. Our cynicism blinds us to everyday stuff. A blooming flower, birdsong, beetles ……We take all of it for granted. Kids make us wish that we can believe in Santa and the tooth fairy.

2. There’s no problem in the world that sleep can’t solve. Have you ever seen a kid who has just woken up? That ethereal smile is priceless. Now you know why they say ‘sleep over it’.

3. Rejoice each other’s success. Little children on their sports day are a treat to watch. They egg each other on to reach that finish line. How many adults can do that in all sincerity?

4. No room for jealousy. That is a term they do not understand. World would be such a better place if none of us did!

5. A kiss can make any hurt better. Kids sense our hurt instinctively. When I am down and out, my daughter comes and sits by my side. With a gentle pat and a kiss, she tells me, “You’ll be fine, Amma”. How and why do we lose that healing magic?

6. Share everything. A kid’s lunch dropped on the floor in my daughter’s class. Everyone just got up with theirs and sat around him. Why is it so difficult for us to believe that there’s enough under the sun for all of us?

7. Play fair. No cheating. Need I say more! 

8. Speak your mind. Oh, the ability to tell people you’re rude, on their face. I wish I could have that one. Of course, it would be politically incorrect and I’ll be in trouble. But it’s still high on my wish list. 

9. A grudge is not forever. Kids fight and make up. But grown-ups and their inflated egos never let a grudge go by unnoticed.

And finally,

10. Believe in God. The sincerity of a kid’s prayer is unbelievable. I think it’s only their prayers that’s holding this earth together.  Spending some time around kids is therapeutic. It makes us a better version of ourselves.  It would be lovely to know what a kid has taught you or how you’ve bettered yourself because of a child. 

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