Let’s Please NOT Celebrate Women’s Day … Not Yet Please

Let's Please NOT Celebrate Women's Day ... Not Yet  Please  

8th March is here. The mandatory messages are filling up my inboxes but I have no interest in reciprocating likewise. The town is festooned with banners and tinsel to ‘celebrate’ woman power. Restaurants and malls are trying to outdo each other in a bid to woo these women. When I was younger, all of this used to make me feel happy and hopeful that our generation would score where the previous one had struggled. That finally we’ll have at least a semblance of gender equality. But now the older (and probably more cynical) me just wonders, how convenient it is for us to pick and choose a day to celebrate the existence of female population. Except serving the commercial interests of certain businesses, Women’s Day has by far achieved nothing of much consequence, in this country at least. In fact, celebrating this day probably gives our collective psyche a feel good factor. It lulls us into thinking that as a society we have done our bit for female upliftment.  Though 2017 will go down as the year of #MeToo, Feminism is still a dirty word. Why? If women power and emancipation is such a force to reckon with, then why are we made to feel guilty when we find our voice? If pink is power, then why do ‘real’ men shirk from wearing it and scoff at those men who do wear it? If both genders are equal, why is female infanticide still rampant? Its such a huge problem that government has to ban any kind of antenatal sexual determination test (under the PNDT Act) . What’s worse than this ban is the way people are trying to circumvent it and find ways to know the child’s gender in utero.  I know I’ll sound bitter when I say this but some days I feel that its a blessing in disguise for these unborn girls. They anyway don’t deserve or need to be brought up in a skewed mindset like ours. And we can’t blame the men alone for it. The women are equally at fault someway or the other. By tolerating it, they encouraged it. By condoning it, they legitimized it. Worse is when they themselves believed so strongly in the male superiority they actually went ahead and showed men the way.  Men need not patronize women neither should they put us on a pedestal. And women, high time you stood for yourself or one of yours. How tough is it to imbibe the concept of gender equality?  Till we can answer that, commemorating  

Women’s day is like a half baked dish. It might look good but one bite and the reality kicks in. 


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