Let’s Walk The Talk This Mother’s Day

Let's Walk The Talk This Mother's Day

With all that noise around Mother’s Day, reaching a crescendo, I had a bizarre thought. I can already imagine mommies up in arms as they read what I have to say. Let me begin with a disclaimer, I owe my existence and whatever I am, to my mother. Happy Mommies Day, Amma! And I am a mother myself so I am taking the liberty to show the mirror to the new age mums (including myself).

Having cleared that, let me get to the point. I feel our generation of mothers is quite fortunate to get a lot of attention. That’s all very nice till the point we don’t let it go to our heads and start gloating over it. The mothers that I have always admired and looked upto (mine included) were amazing women. For them motherhood was a job they loved and one that needed to be done and to be done really well. It wasn’t outsourced to others just because they had other jobs. Now these are the women who should be celebrated.

However gradually, we are losing perspective of the journey called motherhood. Our job doesn’t end at giving birth, it begins there. ‘Me Time’ is a lovely concept but how much time qualifies for me time is a very subjective thing. By all means, take a break but know when to put a brake too. Kids need our time more than anything else in this world. We have mood swings but hey the kid has to be well behaved at all times. Why? Stop and ask yourself that. The child might be trying to express something there. And we just shut her up. We glorify our victories and downplay our failures. What does our child gather from that? Reflect on it. Accept failure with as much grace and allow your child to learn from that. We hate our jobs and get all worked up about it but the kid is not supposed to get frustrated with school and homework. Pause and introspect. We preach but forget to practise and then crib that our kids don’t listen to us the way we listened to our parents. No fair, that.

On Mother’s Day, let’s thank our mothers and wish them well. And for us I’d say, as we enjoy that spa date gifted to us let’s borrow a page from our mothers’ books so we remember how to walk the talk. Let’s please shed that ‘Holier than thou attitude’ and be the role models for our kids that God intended us to be.

PS: Mommies, the idea of this piece is not to demean what we do but to remind ourselves to do what needs to be done!

First Published – https://www.momspresso.com/parenting/musings-and-reflections/article/let-s-walk-the-talk-happymother-sday

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