My father named me Shivani #HappyFather’sDay

My father named me Shivani #HappyFather'sDay

Forty years ago, when the wave of feminism had not yet touched our nation’s psyche and people unapologetically wished for a son, my father wanted daughters. His logic was simple. Girls are peaceful and make for better children. Having brought me up, I am no longer sure if he still upholds that point of view.

But the thought that he wanted us, warms the cockles of my heart. He is a voracious reader and one of his favorite writers in hindi is the great writer, Shivani. No rocket science there, that I take my name after her. So not only do I owe him my existence but also my identity, how the world knows me. Its bizarre but it makes me feel very special, every time I introduce myself or write my name down. I feel like I’m ‘the chosen one’ 

He isn’t too good with the spoken words, though I wish he was… but then no one’s perfect. But his silence is sometimes more eloquent than words. And his witty, tongue-in-cheek one liners are precious.

I know I have tested his patience on more than one occasion and I still do, but I never hear him complain. He is my dial-an-advice when I am stuck. His advice is usually brief but precise and works amazingly well for me. I have inherited my love for the written word from him and he’s the proudest still of the littlest of my achievements. He’s the Daddy Cool, in the truest sense of the word. He’s stood by me through my failures, wiped my tears and laughed with me when it was all over. 

Looking at him, I have a hypothesis. I think God chooses extra carefully when he’s looking out for Daddies for daughters. Only the ones who show that little extra daddyhood qualities, make the cut. I can only say, more power to such special daddies. May your tribe prosper. 

Happy Father’s Day, dear papa. Thanking you for bringing me up the way you did.


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