An expert’s guide for personal hygiene in the bathroom

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When we bought our house, before we could call it home, we needed to make some changes. Our budget didn’t allow much but the bathrooms were our priority. They were desperately crying out for a makeover. We had expected it to be an easy breezy task but we couldn’t be farther off the mark. The array of sanitary ware and bathroom fixtures is mind-boggling out there. We were spoilt for choice but still unsure as to what we wanted. Gleaning through them, we compared the features and finally zeroed in on what matched our requirements. Our painstaking research made us go crazy but a little wiser too.

I am a mother and a doctor, so for me, cleanliness and hygiene are way above anything else. We all know that washrooms are the hub where all the fecal bacteria (and a few parasites too), love to socialize. These bacteria are harmful and contagious and even the most vigorous cleaning is not a match to them.

So, I want to share some tips for what to look out for, when on an expedition to buy bathroom and sanitary fittings.

–  Look for features like anti-bacteria seat and cover that will prevent bacterial multiplication in the first place. Also, some brands are nowadays claiming of ingraining an anti-bacterial glaze in the ceramics itself. This nips the problem of bacteria, mold, and mildew, in the bud.

– Invest in rimless bowls.  With no rims, there is no place for the bacteria to accumulate. How much simpler would you want it to be?

– If I were to name the biggest hurdle of all, it would be the cleaning of bathrooms. You scrub and clean them and then in those nooks, you spot some grime. You scrub some more and just when you think they are clean, you have your family walking in and out and in no time and all it’s a mess all over again. Believe me when I say I can feel that pain. Keep some ground rules, everyone cleans up after them, being on the top. Keep the bathrooms essentially dry. Moisture of any kind is an open invite to the bacteria to flourish.

Continuing on the cleanliness issue, there is a concept called Shower toilets which is a combination of normal toilet and bidet. Some of its key advantages are:

– Its dual self-cleaning nozzles clean up simultaneously in the front and rear, are detachable so they can be cleaned easily too. They ARE real and they are delightful!

– Something for the women out there. There are people in the business out there lending a feminine touch to washroom designs. Female friendly nozzles exist now, that promise a comfortable wash and a give a soothing experience.

Next to cleanliness, safety comes a close second.

– There are soft close systems that ensure no hands get trapped while putting those seat covers back. Also, while you are at it, buy those thermostatic faucets that stay cool even with hot water so no chance of burning the fingers

–  My daughter used to hate our previous shower because of the height. So, imagine her delight when she spotted the slide shower bar with adjustable brackets. The shower can go up or down as one pleases. That adaptability comes in handy not only with kids but also with the aged.

Before I am done, a parting note on environmental consciousness.

-Look for water-saving models. Spend on dual flush buttons that allow only as much water as the job demands. There are showers with airnergize technology to give you guilt-free luxurious showers with 20% water savings. I personally love that option. Features like these will not only cut down your bills but also help the future generations

If you think I’m stating the impossible, don’t flip out yet. These features are well within reach. Look for a brand with some standing which boasts of an eclectic mix of thoughtful designs and technology with functionality being the foremost.

I hope my tips come in handy when you go out there to take your pick. Meanwhile, I would say, we have raised our bar even in bathrooms!

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