To Find Your Prince, You Have To Kiss Many A Frog

Their shifts had just ended, so with cups of tea in their hands, they headed to sit under their favourite tree in the campus. In the past year, being posted in the same unit, they’d come to know each other well and rather enjoyed each other’s company. Relishing the steaming cup, Reva looked affectionately at Ahaan. She found him quite delightful. He was intelligent, had a great sense of humour and they shared quite a few interests. But the best part was, he was attentive towards her and she could be herself around him. He never judged her and just let her be.

“So, where do you see yourself after finishing your MD?’, asked Ahaan, jolting her out of her thoughts.

“Oh, my parents would have found a match for me, by then. In fact, as we talk, they are already on it, so who knows,” Reva said, trying to sound breezy but that tone fooled no one.

“How can you be so casual about the most important decision of your life?”, Ahaan persisted.

“My career is my most important decision, not who I get married to”, she said. She gulped the remaining tea quickly and got up brushing her clothes.

“What’s the hurry? There’s still time before the evening rounds”, Ahaan held her hand gesturing her to sit down. She half-heartedly did but her mood was pensive.

“You say your career is important, but who you marry will definitely have an effect on your career, for better or for worse. Give yourself a chance,” he said following it up with a hurried muttering, “Give me a chance.” There, the cat was finally out of the bag.

For a while both had been skirting around their feelings for each other and somewhere knew that what started as friendship was turning into something more serious. Not sure of what she’d heard, Reva looked up and his expressions told her that she hadn’t imagined those words.

“I am not exactly looking for love. That door is closed now”, said Reva with tears welling in her eyes. Visibly hurt, he withdrew his hand he’d lovingly placed on her knee.

“Don’t get me wrong Ahaan, I like you… I really do. With you it’s different, it’s just me. I do not have it in me to go through the same agony, all over again.”

“How can you compare the two situations? And… and how would you know, if you never gave love a chance?”, he stuttered in an effort to not let go off this opportunity to get it out all in the open.

“I told you na, I was in a long-standing relationship before I came here. And although it was I who broke off, it still hurt as much”, she wiped those tears that were now threatening to come out.

“I know all about it but don’t allow your past to drag you down and come in your way of living your life. Its ok that chair was not made for you. Move on to the next one,” replied Ahaan nonchalantly.

“Uhh… what chair?” asked the befuddled girl.

Arre… when Shahrukh said it in ‘Dear Zindagi’, you seemed to be nodding your head in approval and now when I said it, you give me that look,” Ahaan pouted faking a hurt expression.

She burst out laughing through her tears remembering the dialogue- ‘Hum Kitni Qursiyan Dekhte Hain Koyi Ek Lene Se Pehle… Phir Apna Life Partner Choose Karne Se Pehle Options Dekhne Main Kya Problem Hai’ (we look at so many chairs before we finally settle for one, then why can’t we exercise our right for options similarly when choosing our life partner)

She nodded in agreement as he heaved a sigh of relief. He hated to see her in tears.

“I know you are still gathering yourself from your parents’ refusal and the subsequent heartbreak, because you just couldn’t bring yourself to go against their wishes….”

She interrupted him, “Ahaan, it wasn’t just my parents’ disapproval. There were so many other things…big and small… that had started glaring back at me. My earlier relationship was straight out of a romantic movie. Flowers, cards, gifts and the works… but the possessiveness that I used to find cute initially had started suffocating me. We were two very different people and whatever they may say about opposites attracting each other, at least for me it wasn’t the case. I have always believed that if the shoe doesn’t fit or hurts, don’t expect time to make it better. The same is aplicable for boyfriends too. I was losing myself so when my parents put their foot down, I just took it as a sign from God. That doesn’t mean I can write off all those years I had invested in that relationship. I still miss him simply because I was so used to him. As for giving you a chance, I really wish I could. But I am just too scared. And what if my parents disapprove again. I have neither the energy nor the inclination to go through all of it.”

“All I say is give me a chance. Let’s take it one disaster at a time.”

She nodded in agreement as he let out a squeal of delight.

………………… Two years later as she looked back to that day, with their relationship status upgraded to ‘married’, Reva couldn’t help feeling elated. Ahaan turned out to be all that she had expected and more. The mutual trust, the respect and the space that he gave just brought out the best in her. It was just so different this time around. The freedom to be who you are was so liberating as she rediscovered herself. There were no over-the-top romantic gestures but there were thoughtful little ones. And she still had his genuine friendship and mutual admiration. She still would have tears in her eyes, but more often than not because he would keep her in splits with his whacky sense of humour.

She would always remeber that evening when he had urged her to give love a chance, to not let a bad experience pull her back and boy…. was she glad or what to have followed his advice!

As she looked at him snoring away to glory, she smiled inwardly thinking, ‘To Find Your Prince, You Have To Kiss Many A Frog’

This post is a part of the Valentine’s Day Blog Train hosted by Prerna &Vartika and by ShilpSa,  Kalpavriksha Farms & Neha 

The prompt that I chose to write on, was- ‘With You It’s Different’

74 thoughts on “To Find Your Prince, You Have To Kiss Many A Frog

  1. Loved it, loved it. Actually, it was so gripping that I totally forgot that I have to comment. I was absolutely enjoying the honest and matured live story of Reva & Ahaan. Ahaan was right when he encouraged Reva to give his live one chance. Sometimes, past incidents are so strong and leave their mark on our memories that we are not able to see the present happiness. And those are the times when we need people like Ahaan in our lives.

    1. Thank you so much. I had loved your post, something that I completely agree with. So when you say that, it becomes even more special

  2. This such a cute cute story Shivani! If this is anything about your love story, which I suspect it is, I so want to meet your husband soon. And that Shahrukh dialogue left me in splits.

    1. Thank you. I hope it justifies the prompt. Let’s hope you can meet him soon. My obsession for Shahrukh knows no bounds. I am realising he finds a way in my narrative, this way or that

  3. Such a sweet positive story, Shivani! And good you reminded of that excerpt of Shahrukh Khan, seriously, what he said makes sense. Why we think our life is over because we couldn’t stay together with our first or second love! There are many chairs and it’s best to see a few of them before deciding which one fits all. Bahut sundar kahani likhi hai aur usse bhi badhiya sikh di hai! Great job, love!

    1. There were quite a few gems in that movie. I loved this analogy because this one, as good as it sounds, is still the hardest to imbibe.
      Thank you so much

  4. Your descriptive writing and smooth flow made the story such a delight to read, Shivani. I am glad Reva gave Ahaan a chance, and even more glad that you shared their story with us.Happy endings always make people smile and fill hearts with hope. Your story did just that.

    1. Thank you so much. Happy endings are possible if we give fight for ourselves and that we must. We owe it to ourselves

  5. Beautifully written and such a real piece! One of the best I’ve read in this blog train. I’ve been through similar situations in my life, so I really identify with the multiple frogs before your prince arrives theory!

    1. Thank you so much. Negative experiences often harden us and we go in our shell. But we need to put ourselves out there, if we want to be happy. thank you so much

  6. Wow what a story and I loved each and every word of it. yes! it is hard to trust someone when you have a heartbreaking experience in past, the bitter memories of the past always put a barrier in making the new one. really loved the characterisation of Ahan and Reva, seems like reel life characters. beautiful ending with the great message..all and all a blockbuster post. #Vdayblogtrain

  7. What an engaging story dear…I felt like ahan and Reva were right in front of two relationships can be same…very nicely put..the story had a very realistic tone 🙂 loved reading

  8. It was almost like reading a novel but with just one page. Loved it. I don’t know if I am in agreement or I’m the one you are talking about. Reba and Ahaan , somewhere ring a bell for me and my husband. Superb writeup.

  9. I loved it, Shivani. It was a beautiful well-knitted story. The apprehension shown by Reva was flawlessly penned, her fear, suffocation and a lost hope added layers to her story. Ahaan was the boy who was like waiting for a chance and jumped right on spot with the ultimatum.
    The subtle message of giving another chance to love was so clear to the reader.

    Again, I totally loved the story.

  10. While the writer in me loved the narration and the lovely characters, the learner in me fell in love with your choice of words and phrases and the romantic in me loved the feel of this article. You are bound to make it big with the way you write a way into anyone’s heart:)
    Keep knocking it hard and out of the park Dr Shivani!

    1. Now if someone like you says such wonderful things, it becomes a little overwhelming for me…
      Thank you and I’m over the moon now

  11. It is rightly said sometimes all it takes is a second chance,giving love a seconc chance Reva blommed in a relationship with Ahaan… Such a lovely story n a happieee ending makes me d happiest❤

  12. This is so profound… Life is all about 2nd chances… Why shouldnt love get another chance….in fact I rather think its better to kiss the many frogs instead of marrying the very first one.. The proverbial waiting for Mr. Right! 😉😉

    1. True that. The frogs may not tell you what you want but you’ll definitely know what you do NOT want.
      Thank you so much

    1. Glad to hear that you enjoyed. What gladdens me more is how open we are becoming about second chances.
      Thank you so much

  13. i liked the way you have incorporated the logic from the movie in your story, if one thing goes wrong we should always give ourselves a second chance, rather than being hard on ourselves. story is good and its woven even better.

    1. We are the hardest on ourselves. And often instead of getting better, we end up getting bitter. Moving on and staying open to possibilities is what we need to do if we want to be happy.
      Thank you

  14. Your story telling skills are impeccable, there is no doubt about that. The most amazing part is the way you engage the readers in an otherwise simple story, that one might have heard or known before but still your narration style is so captivating that we just want to keep reading. And i have a hunch, this is something from a real life experience. Loved it to bits.

  15. Uffff, I missed this chance 😉 Or rather I never kissed any frog before Price Charming arrived. So this lovely story goes on to prove that matches are REALLY made in heaven. Lovely post as always Shivani

    1. So long as you found your version of Prince Charming, it doesn’t really matter. And yes I am a true believer in the matchmaker who’s sitting up there and pulling our strings.
      Thank you so much

  16. Shivani ma’am lovely one…I was glued and fixed in your romantic it yours??????Then you are the luckiest ma’ Almighty’s darbar(court)my best wishes for you n your shahrukh 💓💓

    1. Thank you. Yes its quite heavily inspired though he wouldnt like to be called Shahrukh.
      And a request no maa’m please. I love being called by my name.See you around

    1. I am glad you didn’t need. But for those who face such an unfortunate situation, may this story give them the courage to fight for their happiness

  17. Thanks for sharing this beautiful love story with us. Unless we give a second chance, we can never move on and close the last chapter. I agree we fear, if we have any bitter and rough experience, to trust anyone and get into any relationship again but it is the best way to get over the past. I’m glad Reva found Ahaan and their friendship bloomed into a long-lasting love story. You have brilliant narrative skills, keep writing more.

  18. I’m so glad Ahaan picked up the courage to tell her his feelings and encouraged her to give him, and love, another chance. Thoughtful little gestures mean lot more than overtly romantic expressions anyday.
    And I’m so happy you gave Dear Zindagi’s example. Fit here perfectly! 🙂

  19. *cough, seems like your story, cough* 😀
    Engaging story. I expected nothing less from a master storyteller like you. You definitely know how to keep the audience engrossed with your words. 🙂

    1. Ha ha…
      ‘master’ storyteller, not me… still learning. Thank you so much for such generosity

  20. Very much inspiring story .I wish the story spread to those people who broken & disappointed for one & fear to fall in love again

  21. Oww.. what a beautiful read. Brought back a few memories from my own “past” life. Love your storytelling style Shivani .. keep it up

  22. Amazing post Shivani. Love to see your journey as a writer, you grow so much with each write up of yours! Liked your quoting the chair dialogue and totally agree with your thoughts.

    1. Thank you so much. You have been around since the time I started so feels great to be acknowledged by you

  23. Wont they say, marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on Earth. One never knows till its the time for the truth to reveal itself.
    Having the closet friend as the life partner is the best recipe for the marital bliss, I suppose.
    A wonderful narration and smooth flow of the story made it an interesting read.

  24. A broken heart takes time to heal, but it eventually does. So happy that Ahaan was mature and convinced her to give love a chance again.

  25. so many youngsters lose hope when hearts break as if there is nothing to look forward to it. this really makes me sad. good to see another viewpoint. #vday #blogtrain

    1. We often think its the end of the world when more often than not, it isn’t. My intention behind writing this is justified as your comment tells me. Thank you so much

  26. A beautiful story of friendship, love and hope with a ting of filmi dose that is sure to uplift one’s spirits…loved it, Shivani

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