Ignorance Is Kind

I hate cats… Not that I like dogs either but I can tolerate them at least. Cats on the other hand have got too much attitude. I do so wish I had a bit of that swag though. And they are so in their own world… happy with themselves.

So even if I hate them, I can’t stop being envious of them either. When I first came across Gwendolyn Brooks’ quote- ‘One reason cats are happier than people is that they have no newspapers’, I had chuckled to myself. But in the past few years, as I’ve gradually moved away, consciously or subconsciously, from news of any kind- print or TV, I am often reminded of her words.

It’s a talisman for those who want their peace of mind. Of course, that means I don’t know what the brouhaha about Rafael is all about. But even if that makes me ‘ignorant’, I somehow feel wiser. And most definitely happier.

Every channel, every newspaper is just trying to outbid each other in the rubbish they are doling out in the name of news. They no longer report on what happened but twist it according to their convenience to feed us what they want us to know.

I miss the days when journalism was sacred and the ones who pursued it, did it with a sense of responsibility and with dedication. Unfortunately, now they have reduced themselves to be a mouth speak of the chosen few.

Thanks to ‘infotainment’, something that I hate even more, we now have a term, ‘Advertorial’. And behind this innocuous term we are fed with paid content but it absolves them of all the responsibility. Now how’s that for convenience!

As Mark Twain said, ‘If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.’ Between the two, I have picked mine. What’s your choice?

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I have used the quote prompt- ‘One reason cats are happier than people is that they have no newspapers’

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5 thoughts on “Ignorance Is Kind

  1. So it’s called advertorial! I know of an educational institute which used to pay a local magazine quite generously for publishing the “news” of their college. Fortunately, many are able to figure out how some media houses outrageously lie.

    1. Ah yes..In fine print. The entire paper is sometimes now called advertorial. How misleading is that

  2. This is so true, Shivani. I thought I am the only one who doesn’t read newspaper religiously. After I have started writing regularly, I just read The Speaking Tree and Times Life on Sundays. Rest is all discussed at home so loud that I am unable to ignore.

    1. I am in good company then. In our house no one wayches news or reads the paper now. Sometimes I worry wbout my daughter growing up unaware of what’s going on in the world!

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