My Experience with Blog Imprints – Blogchatter’s Creative Writing e-course

When I enrolled with the Blogchatter’s Credibility Program through Blog Imprints – Creative Writing e-course, I had been dabbling with blogging for almost a year and a half. Also, in mid-February of this year I launched my own website

I had started realising the need for a structured course to fine tune my skills as a writer. I had started off with non-fiction but when I experimented in fiction, I found it enjoyable and when it was appreciated as well, I felt that I should pay more attention there. That is when I felt that I need some guidance. The reason I zeroed in on this course was because Blogchatter as a brand has credibility when it comes to writing.

When I was asked as to what I hope to achieve by the time this course ends, I had the following goals lined up:

  • I wanted to concentrate on fiction
  • My website had just been launched and I wanted it to look good in terms of content and following
  • I was also gearing up for the A2Z challenge and needed to work out the details since it would be my first one.

I followed the Blogchatter WritFest sessions and came out with quite some insights.

  1. The first session with Aditya
  2. He spoke about fact finding and creative distortion. Incidentally when I wrote my partition-based stories for the A2Z challenge, these tips came in quite handy.
  3. I also agree on his comments about sources and resources and being a doctor who has also dabbled in research, I couldn’t agree more.
  4. The second session with Samarpita
  5. Her emphasis on self-editing goes well with my own belief.
  6. Being a grammar Nazi, I am quite particular and her session enforced my own ideology.
  7. And of course, the beta readers are an asset. Positive feedback is an ego booster but honest nay sayers are the ones we should keep close.
  8. The sessions with Dipankar Mukherjee, Anand Neelkantan and Chitra Divakaruni were useful as they spoke from their own experiences.
  9. I especially enjoyed Kanchana Banerjee’s talk about rejections and rewriting manuscripts for the publishers.
  10. Peddling your stuff is something I am very conscious about. Kiran Manral’s words on smart marketing would soon be put to test as I ready my e book.

I have often been asked what I write about and I still cannot answer that question with precision. That is one aspect I am still struggling with, finding my calling and narrowing down on the niche that I should be writing upon. I need more time for that, I believe.

After Andaleeb Wajid’s post, I am trying to be regular and more disciplined. And the A2Z challenge ensured that too.

I am quite glad that I have taken up this course and I cannot reiterate enough the role that A2Z challenge has played in my writing journey. I am discovering my strengths and weaknesses and looking forward to the creative writing prompts in June that should help me put my skills to test.

-Dr. Shivani Salil

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