My Land Across The Border

Book Title: My Land across the Border

Picture Credit: BlogChatter

Genre: Fiction

Author: Sayan Bhattacharya

Number of Pages: 126

Available: PDF, Blog Chatter Library

I discovered this gem as part of the E book carnival hosted by Blogchatter. Born in Kolkata, Sayan Bhattacharya is a Post-graduate in English Literature who’s worked in the banking and financial services and is presently in the FinTech industry.

My own obsession with the 1947 partition was the reason I picked this one up and I must say I didn’t regret it at all.

The book is about the protagonist Siraj whose quest for his roots leads him to his motherland where he unravels his family’s deep and dark secrets. The story goes back and forth with generous snippets of history thrown in, that describe the tumultuous events in Bangladesh post partition and then in 1971. His path crosses another individual, Mrinal’s journey and when fate brings them together, they discover they have something significant in common. There is a little bit of repetition but that’s something one can overlook.

The pain for their lost land is palpable and the reader feels invested in their journey. I do have a small complaint here though. Mrinal seemed like a promising character and I wished there was more of him.

This is a strongly recommended read for all those who are interested in independent India’s history and the making of three nations as a result of it. Not much of it has made it to the history books and that in itself should be a compelling reason to read it.

The kind of research that has been put in is evident as the author takes you through the lanes and the rivers of Bangladesh. Its applause worthy how he transports you to Bangladesh of 1971 and then brings you back in 2018 where the story begins.

My Land across the Border is an unputdownable book by a gifted story teller whose work deserves notice and acclaim.

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