Travel My Way- Book Review

Book Title: Travel My Way

Genre: Non Fiction; Travelogue

Author: Vartika Mehrotra Gakhar

Number of Pages: 88

Available: PDF, Blog Chatter Library

Vartika wears many hats being an ex-HR professional, a painter, a blogger and a self-proclaimed travel enthusiast. She makes her debut with this e book which is a part of the e book carnival hosted by Blogchatter. Though the genre that its slotted in, is ‘Travelogue’, I feel it goes beyond that.

As the title suggests, she invites you to visit the places through her eyes. The tone of the entire book seems conversational. It feels like you are hearing a friend relate her experiences. She has sprinkled the entire book with anecdotes and memories which makes it stand apart from the rest of the books in the same genre.

Her choices of destinations is a very eclectic one. There are the holy places like Vaishno Devi, Naimisharanya (I wasn’t even aware of this place), Kedarnath Rudraprayag. And then she takes you across the length and breadth of the country with pieces on Goa, Amritsar, Kodaikanal and the backwaters. The international destinations like Budapest, Barcelona, Prague and Poland should pique the reader’s interests especially as Bollywood is waking up to them.

Lucknow, Chandigarh and Poland are the places that have been home to her. The way she has lovingly described them, endears the reader to her words. And the hidden gems of wisdom in these chapters will come especially handy if the reader chooses to visit them.

In the entire potpourri, there’s something for everyone. Once you are done reading about the various destinations that she takes you to, please go through the last part at leisure. These are the not-to-miss chapters where she shares tips on topics like enjoying a successful and stress-free family vacation, travelling on a shoestring budget, travelling with a baby, what to pack and finally a piece on Air BnB which is all the rage nowadays.

So, for all those who love to travel like the author herself, you have enough reasons to download her e-book.

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