‘Bhumi’- A Book Review

Book Title: Bhumi

Author: Tina Sequeira

Genre: Anthology

Price on Kindle: Rs 49 (Also available on Kindle Unlimited)

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I have been reading Tina Sequeira’s writings on her blog, ‘The Tina Edit’, so naturally when she comes with an anthology, my interest is piqued. Titled ‘Bhumi’, which literally means ‘Earth’ is a collection of 21 short stories.

The common thread that binds them together is their protagonist, a woman. What is refreshing here is, that this woman is as real as you and I… not the ‘holier than thou ones’ or the ‘Nirupa Roys’ or ‘Mother Indias’, that our film industry has been force feeding us with. They are carved out of flesh and blood, with their foibles and flaws. And that is what makes these stories relatable.

This is a veritable collection and the central characters are shown to be dealing with real life issues. There’s a mother living in a foreign land, who is relegated to the backstage as the children go on with their lives (Bhumi)… or a feisty grandmother, who I especially loved, for she was just too cool (Grey)… a woke woman, a feminist who when she is in a position of power, goes on to become what she stood against at a point (Juxtaposition)… an unapologetic woman who walks out of an unhappy marriage but surprise…surprise… she is still a wonderful mother (Crazy Courage)… Its hard to pick a favourite from this potpourri.

The author has touched upon quite a lot of issues like body shaming, flesh trade, infidelity, acid attacks etc. that ail our society. What I loved was the finesse and sensitivity, with which she talks about them. The author’s observation skills and grasp of the subjects is shone through. The tone of the book is essentially non-judgemental, a trait that we as a society are taking a long time to acquire.

Though the book is on women, it’s something both men and women should be able to enjoy. Women may identify with the characters and men might understand what a real woman is!

It’s a small book and the language is easy to comprehend but resist the temptation to rush. I’d say savour the book slowly to allow the flavours to rest on your palette and register in your mind.

Book Blurb:

‘Bhumi,’ a single author anthology of 21 short stories carrying the different shades of womanhood, bearing the unmistakable signature of their author. The protagonists speak to you and you often end up comparing them with a real-life person that you may know. That’s how real they are!

They may have a brief encounter with you as you turn the pages but they end up making their way in your heart and mind as you dwell upon their characterisation.

Don’t gulp it down in one shot, it’s too heady.

About the author:

Tina Sequeira is an award-winning digital content creator, who speaks to us through her blog ‘The Tina Edit’. She is the author of ‘Soul Sojourn’ and now and ‘Bhumi’. As ‘Bhumi’ climbs up the ladder, ‘Soul Sojourn tops the ‘Best Ebooks Ever 2017’ on Goodreads.

Her pieces are often featured on various online portals like Women’s Web, Momspresso, YouthKiAwaaz, Indieblogger etc.

Bhumi is available on kindle and you can order your copy here

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