Book Review of ‘Sugar & Ice & All That’s Nice’ by Harjeet Kaur

Book Review of 'Sugar & Ice & All That’s Nice' by Harjeet Kaur
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Book Title: Sugar & Ice & All That’s Nice

Genre: Non-Fiction; Recipes

Author: Harjeet Kaur 

Number of Pages: 59

Available: Blog Chatter Library

I’ll begin with a confession; I ain’t a great cook. I cook for survival. I never learnt how to cook formally so never ask me a recipe. You will end up with a pinch of this and a pinch of that. Besides I can never make the effort of getting all the ingredients in one place. I make do with what is available so that puts me in a spot when it comes to cook books. So, what do I do? I never read them.

But then came along the Blogchatter hosted e-book carnival and I discovered a book on drinks and desserts. I tried hard to resist it but given my legendary sweet tooth, this one was difficult to ignore. You look at the cover and you’ll know why!

Here goes my book review of ‘Sugar & Ice & All That’s Nice

The Author

Harjeet is a freelance content writer who likes traditional cooking. She has come up with simple recipes without having to compromise on taste, which works well for people like me. Her culinary skills have been appreciated and she has won many laurels locally and online.

Book Summary

‘Virgin Mocktails and Decadent Desserts’, is how the tagline of this book goes. And it lives up to the promise. But these aren’t your usual run-of-the-mill, done to death recipes.

Right from the start, the author’s love for mangoes is evident when you see her begin with a Virgin Mango Mojito and then turns to mango juice and aam panna. I’m enamoured already when she springs a new one- Raw Mango Iced Tea. Mango makes its way into the custard, in the yoghurt, in the ice cream and phirni… even the puri!

Her love affair with the king of fruits continues with mango-based desserts like the Mango Jelly and custard. What caught my eye was, when sago married mango, something that I have recently seen here in Hong Kong for the first time. What do you get when that happens? You have the Mango Sago Floats and a Mango Sago Pearl Swirl.

Your eyes pop out when the juicy lychee becomes a Virgin Lychee Mojito or when you come spot Pomegranate Iced Tea.

Nostalgia kicked in when I saw a recipe with Gond Katira (Tragacanth Gum), a natural heat buster which was a staple in our childhood in summers.

The traditional buttermilk gets a shot in the arm with moringa twist that I’m raring to try because I love both- buttermilk and moringa i.e.

I am also keen to try the mango and jamun popsicles. They should keep the dotty happy.

Puddings follow as the humble kheer gets a facelift and is now fashioned as Apple Kheer.

Not to miss are the breath taking pictures that complement the recipes and tempt you to try them.

My Verdict

It’s a must have for all those who have a sweet tooth and who love to experiment with their drinks. In the times when we are looking for healthier and tasty alternatives to fizzy drinks and chemical laced desserts, this is manna from heaven.

Most millennials are now tired of the traditional desserts and drinks scene and a lot cook for pleasure. This book can wonderfully cater to that section.

With minimal ingredients (some even have substitutes suggested, just in case), these simple and easy-to-follow recipes are written in a heart-warming style that makes you feel the author is holding your hand to tell you what to do next.

These are all healthier and preservatives free options which make them worth a try.

I’ll end where I began. I am a survival cook. Till the time I was in India it worked well for me. Here in Hong Kong, I get homesick and nostalgic. This book has come to me at just the right time to rescue me from all that wallowing. Thank you Harjeet for writing this one.


This book has been written as a part of Blogchatter e-book carnival and is available for free download for a limited time. Rush to grab your copy which is freely downloadable here , for a limited time only 


2 thoughts on “Book Review of ‘Sugar & Ice & All That’s Nice’ by Harjeet Kaur

  1. Thank you very much for letting me know how much you have enjoyed reading my recipes. I’m so pleased to know that it brightened your day. I’m flattered that you think it’s worthy of the praise you have showered upon my book through this review!

    Thanks again for your appreciation Shivani.

    1. Harjeet I have admitted I’m not someone who enjoys cooking but your book is compelling enough. I am sure those who love cooking will like it even more.

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