Blame it on ShahRukh

He gave us unrealistic goals

An entire generation of girls can blame it on Shahrukh Khan as they went weak in the knees at the sight of the dimpled hero outstretching his arms bang in the middle of a sarson ka khet with the song, tujhe dekha to ye jaana sanam, playing in the background.

All those girls, including an eighteen-year-old me, wanted to be in Simran’s tille wali juttis. We fell for those roguish boys hoping and waiting for them to transform into the ‘Rajs’ of our lives. Quite a few fell flat on our faces along with our lofty romantic ideas realising that the Raj of our dreams was just that… a dream.

And then I grew wiser

By 2003, I was wiser. Shahrukh was still a favorite but I knew better, than to trust him. I cried with him as he longingly looked at her ladylove, Preity Zinta, and crooned with outstretched arms (one more time) har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi. I was going through some tough times myself. When he embraced heartbreak and death with a dash of humour, I reminded myself to make the most of what I had. I definitely didn’t want to be a grumpy, scowling girl that Zinta played to the hilt?

Or did I?

Exactly a year later, I met someone. Everything had been going against my plans. While my parents were having a shayad meri shaadi ka khyaal and planning a chai par bulana for the prospective grooms and their families, here I was… falling for a roguish boy who was beckoning to me.

I had misgivings but I was drawn towards him in spite and despite of the sane voice in my head admonishing me to turn and bolt. I prayed for heavenly intervention, a sign, something that would tell me what to do. And it came to me. At a chai ki tapri as I sipped my cutting chai, grateful for the warmth between my hands on a wet Mumbai monsoon day (my first) a song played on FM- chahe jo tumhe pure dil se, milta hai vo mushkil se…

Call me a hopeless romantic or an absolute fool if you wish. Or maybe I wanted to hear what what I heard. I could hear Shahrukh goading me into taking the leap as he went on- us haath ko tum thaam lo, vo meherbaan kal ho na ho…

Shahrukh rescued me

Taking his advice, I jumped headlong into the relationship and soon into matrimony. It couldn’t be more ironical that a Bollywood buff like me married someone who hates it. Despite the hatred, it’s quite clear to him that if it hadn’t been for Shahrukh we wouldn’t be completing our 15th revolution together around the sun tomorrow.

As for me, I owe it to Bollywood to keep the romantic in me alive despite trying circumstances that were threatening to turn me into a cynic.

This post is a part of #ALPxGUN BlogHop #BollyExpress hosted by Alpana and PraGun and sponsored by – Unorthodoxpeeps, RangPotli, ExploreKidsWorld, SoulfulFood and, Praggatti Rao. When you have a Bollywood themed bloghop and my special song as one of the prompts, how could I not write on it!

46 thoughts on “Blame it on ShahRukh

  1. Aha, lovely write up shivani, of course you should blame it on shahrukh after all he was standing there with hands stretched for you. Chai ki tapri and the song was the best part of the post, just like in many movies, out of which just clicked me the scene from 2 states when he realizes in between interview to propose her…. Seriously Bollywood songs can drive us crazy.
    And happy 15th to you dear with love of your life.
    Glad to have you on #ALPxGUN #BollyExpress

    1. Pragun, Bollywood I think defines what Indians are all about. Be it our OTT drama or our large heartedness. I’m an unapologetic Bolly buff. Thank you for having me on board.

  2. Wow ..what a lovely start of my first day of 2020. First of all, loved the title. Kya Baat Hai.. Well, I won’t say that I am a die heart fan of Shahrukh (sorry about that) but I like him:-). He has that charm and charisma. No wonders he ruled the industry for so long. Now you will think, Ruled…he still rules…okay. Maan liya.
    Recently, I heard his anchoring in TEDtalks and he again did a wonderful job. Wait..I said I am not a die heart fan…see…I blame it on Shahrukh.
    Thanks for participating in the BlogHop

    1. I am a huge fan of his. The way he’s made a name for himself and how he learns from his mistakes. For me there’s no one quite like him.
      I’m glad you liked it.

  3. Loved the title and the post. You of course have to blame Shahrukh and bollywood. It is amazing how the movies have an impact on us and our decisions. Happy new year. 🙂

  4. Ha ha, I think every teenage girl who grew up in nineties can equate with your post. Me and my gang of friends at IIT used to joke and wait for the one who comes on cycle and goes around us…such were those innocent dreams…Chai ki tapri is obviously the show stealer you know

  5. Truly said. Bollywood movies have a huge impact on our lives and Shahrukh mania is the top of the iceberg. Loved the write-up to the core:)

  6. Shah Rukh does makes is believe in love even more than we already do! Loved the way you blamed him.. literally for all your decision. Bollywood has thoroughly influenced our lives! Will surely be re-reading this again.

  7. Such a beautiful beautiful post Shivani. Hope your daughter picks up this Shahrukh love from you. 😀 Life surely is easy with him standing in the middle of the fields with his arms wide open embracing love and life.

  8. I loved the title of the post, we all at one point of time compared and directed lives through movies and heroes charisma.

  9. Ha ha ha you are more filmy then bollywood

    Blame him

    He made lots of carzy fans 😉

    And the more opposite liking means more love and no tiffs

    Overall I enjoyed the post

  10. This post is for every girl who like you and me found the line “us hath ko tum tham lo..” from the song most relevant. I was never a Shahrukh fan. However this song is exceptional that I count in my favorites and of course because of Shahrukh. Lovely to know about you through this post.

  11. wow wow …Its such an honest post. i loved every word because I am/was/will be a SRK fan forever. i get emotional when someone talks about him and this post just melted me. I’m so glad that you obeyed SRK and decided to tie the knot. SRK can never go wrong.!!!!! <3

    1. Anjali mucho gracias. You and I seem to have more in common than I thought. It’s always lovely to connect with you

  12. Lovelyyyy romantic full on Shahrukh fan post, I so loved it, truly admiring personality he is , we witnessed his hard work throughout his journey from fauzi to king of romance.

  13. I can so relate to your emotions, myself being a hopeless romantic.. It felt so good reading about your super bollywood style Shahrukh like love story..Wish you an eternity of love and togetherness.

    1. Thank you Tanvi. Some days I think romantics should not be called hopeless. In today’s times we are the only ones who have any ounce of hope left in us

  14. Hahahaha I love this one.. I am blaming SRK too now. He is still my first love. Who else on this Earth would let his lady love go to his friend and then have tears in his eyes.. I thoroughly enjoyed the post and great to know there are more hopeless romantics like me.

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