Hats, Hoods and Humiliation|Book Review

Hats, Hoods and Humiliation|Book Review

Hats, Hoods and Humiliation- Book Review

Title: Hats, Hoods and Humiliation

Author: Hiranya Verma

Format: Kindle Edition

File Size: 3500 KB

Language: English

Genre- Self-help

Price: Rs. 49/- and free on Kindle Unlimited


Hats, Hoods and Humiliation– a title like that makes you curious. When a ten-year-old authors that book, you are humbled and you stop looking for reasons to read it and just download it. I am glad I did and here’s what I think.

About the Author

Hiranya Verma is a ten years old girl, studying in Standard VI, in Navy Children School, Kochi. Born to parents who are doctors and writers themselves, she is the younger of the two children. She shares a brilliant equation with her brother Kaustubh and likes to draw, paint, read and write. She also plays Keyboard and ‘loves the experience called life’. Hats, Hoods and Humiliation is her first book.

The Title

I loved her reasons behind choosing such a quirky title. ‘An embarrassing hat’ humiliates the wearer while a hood hides the face and ‘blocks the humiliation’.  Besides she found it cool!

Hats, Hoods and Humiliation-The Book

Hiranya states that she wrote this book to help her (and others like her) tackle humiliation and learn to laugh at it and let it go. What whetted my interest was that one line in the introduction- ‘You must know that like stress, humiliation is a part of life. Don’t make it the villain’.

Format of the book

The book is divided into seven chapters and each chapter deals with different aspects of her life. She uses real life experiences and anecdotes to make her point and that is what makes it so relatable. There are a lot of self-help books that would tell you how to handle humiliation and other negative feelings but what makes it stand apart are these experiences. As adults we often forget or overlook what stuff can affect a child’s psyche but she knows and all the children can identify with that.

Not only is it about how to handle humiliation, the book also offers a peek into the life of a pre-teen in the current scenario. Some of their concerns and issues are so different from us that we would never think on those lines. The author has effortlessly touched upon difficult topics like guilt, humour, affirmations and the changing equation with parents as teenage knocks the door. She not only speaks about them but offers advice and solutions that seem to be drawn from her own experiences which reflects her high emotional quotient.

Anything that’s mentionable is manageable

Hiranya keeps stressing on the fact that if we can put a finger on the issue and talk about it, the problem can be dealt with and also often laughing and moving on is the best way to do it. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting and less scary.

As Fred Rogers said, “Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. We may know this but when a ten-year-old tells you that, it’s impactful.

Hats, Hoods and Humiliation|Book Review

The Hits- Hats, Hoods and Humiliation

What strikes me is how a ten-year-old has so beautifully analysed her thoughts and come up with such wonderful life’s lessons that often as adults we struggle to grapple. Some lines stand out brilliantly leaving you awestruck. Here are a few;

/No matter what anyone says, what anyone thinks, you’re you and you will always be you/

/People may want to help and not embarrass; be ready to accept help/

/Just remember, friends, are not judged by wealth, health, popularity, or smarts. You may find people who are like you, understand you. They are your real friends/

/Many people may insult you, leaving you either angry or sucking a big bottle of low self-esteem/

Amazing, aren’t they?­

Every chapters includes ‘Points to Ponder’ that is a pithy description of the chapter. There are lovely illustrations dotting the pages of the book. I loved these bits. There’s even a quiz at the end to see if you ‘whine or shine’ that made me smile.

?The Misses?

Hats, Hoods and Humiliation has been written by a child and it’s obvious from the language. The sentence construction and repetition remind you of that but I appreciate that the parents have deliberately chosen to present it to the world in its original form which is a hard to curb temptation. That honesty adds to the beauty because you know it’s not been embellished upon.

Who should read Hats, Hoods and Humiliation?

Hats, Hoods and Humiliation is a book is meant to be read by children and their parents. Kids will nod their heads in recognition and feel empowered to deal with situations and parents will understand their child’s world better and that should help them relate better with their child.

The book can be downloaded here.

Hats, Hoods and Humiliation|Book Review

I have attempted an honest review here keeping in mind the age of the author and her deep understanding which is precocious for her age.

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PC: Hiranya Verma- Hats, Hoods and Humiliation

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